The Center for Intersectional Justice is an independent nonprofit organisation based in Berlin dedicated to advancing equality and justice for all by combating intersecting forms of structural inequality and discrimination in Europe.


Why it is important

After decades of anti-discrimination and equality policy, too little progress has been made. This needs to change. There is an urgency to act in the face of current political developments bringing insecurity, further marginalization and an erosion of rights for people affected by systemic discrimination in Europe. All forms of systemic inequality are interconnected, interdependent and mutually reinforcing, and only when they are addressed simultaneously can we achieve long-lasting progress.

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How it started

Systemic inequalities are crippling our European societies. The limitations of existing anti-discrimination and equality policies in European countries should be addressed now. The realisation that our networks are a goldmine of innovative ideas and approaches in the field of social justice prompted the creation of CIJ to intensify connections, strengthen strategies, coordinate action and boost effectiveness when dealing with politically sensitive issues such as systemic inequality and discrimination. We believe that we can achieve much more when we pool our efforts together.

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