core values


We strive for equality. This entails taking risks and challenging the status quo. We do not shy away from difficult conversations as we believe they can lead to positive change. We commit to engaging in the public debate with integrity and respect.


We are an independent non-partisan organisation that is not affiliated with any political party, government entity or religion. We see ourselves as part of a large web of diverse organisations and individuals pursuing the same goal. We value collaboration, dialogue and synergies.


We believe that all forms of injustices are interconnected and that they should be addressed simultaneously. Social justice can only be achieved if protective laws and policies are truly inclusive and reach everyone. We promote inter- and intra-community solidarity and reject any form of divisive politics.


We directly engage with grassroots communities, practitioners from civil society, governments, and the private sector to inform our work, orient our action and expand our impact. We act strategically and deploy the necessary means to achieve our long-term overall goal.


We believe our action achieves its full impact if we address injustices and extend our solidarity beyond borders. The systems of inequality we tackle operate globally and their effects are transnational. OSo is our action must be transnational as well. We promote exchange, learning and unity across Europe and beyond.