by Najwa Magot


Reproductive Justice: How to ensure inclusion for all*?

Tuesday 5 September 2017, 7 PM


Aquarium - Südblock

Skalitzer Str. 6 - 10999 Berlin



Berlin - CIJ’s Executive Director Dr. Emilia Roig will be speaking at an event entitled “Decolonising the struggle for reproductive rights”.

When reproductive autonomy is being discussed in Germany what comes up is usually the right to abortion and the history of the paragraph 218. The perspective remains a restricted one: The so-called “demographic strategies” of the federal government are not limited to deciding who should have children and create solutions to the demographic “problems” of the nation-state. Migration and family policies contain an implicit message about whose children are desirable and encouraged to have children and whose parenthood is portrayed as a threat to the white Christian political order. In political debates we still find continuities of the eugenic theories that were implemented under German colonial rule and during the NS-Regime. The AfD currently advocates for “active” population policies, that ought to regulate the size, composition and “quality” of the German population.

Given the colonial complicity of hegemonic women’s movements, the event aims at critically dealing with omissions in the debate around reproductive rights. What colonial continuities are to be found in politics of population control and the evocation of racist scenarios of over-population in former colonies and foreign infiltration in Germany? Who had to bear the costs of the development of hormonal contraception methods, which success is counted as a feminist achievement? What struggles of feminists of color remain invisibilized in feminist pro-choice movements, and what could an intersectional way of organizing in solidarity look like? What aspects of the concept of reproductive justice, developed in the US by activists of color and combining reproductive autonomy with questions of social justice, can be translated into the German context?

With Emilia Roig (Founder and Executive Director of the Center for Intersectional Justice) and Luiza Prado (design researcher and artist)

Translation from German to English will be provided

the location is wheelchair accessible

This event is part of the mobilisation towards the What-the-Fuck-demonstration against the christian-fundamentalist “pro-life march” on september 16th. You can find more information concerning the protest on here:


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