by Dr. Emilia Roig


Afro- and Muslim feminist Conference in Brussels

Afro- and Muslim feminist Conference in Brussels.



Université libre de Bruxelles

Avenue Franklin Roosevelt, 1000 Uccle, Belgium

Date: 20-21 April 2018

Organised by Le Collectif Kahina and Bamko.



CIJ is honored to have been invited to participate in the conference “Afro-feminists and Muslim Feminists: Mirroring Struggles?” held in Brussels on 20 - 21 April 2018. This event was organized by the feminist collective Kahina and their partner collective Bamko as well as the Feminist Circle of the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

While the conference provides a space for knowledge exchange on a wide array of topics, the focus lies on the concept of intersectionality, its ramifications for Women* of Color and the future of a inclusive feminist movement. Specifically, the question raised is: How do the categories of gender, race, class and religion concretely fit into situations of social marginalization and oppression? A regional focus will be placed on francophone Europe with the examples of France and Belgium in order to analyze the challenges posed by Third- and Fourth-wave feminists to a feminist movement that wants to be truly inclusive. The themes will be looked at from different perspectives including Afro-feminism and Muslim feminism, while also taking on an interdisciplinary approach from the academic, political and activist world.

On April 20, CIJ will join the panel “Women on the Move” with fellow organizations, academics and activists and on April 21 on the need to repoliticise the concept of intersectionality.

Partner organisations:

Center for Intersectional Justice (Berlin)

Tayush (Brussels)

Identité Plurielle (Lille)

Lallab (Paris)

Axelle magazine (Bruxelles)

KARAMAH EU (Belgium)

Collectif les cannelles (Brussels)

ReSisters (Brussels)

European Network Against Racism - ENAR (Brussels)

Vie Féminine (Belgium)

Mwanamke Collectif Afroféministe Belge (Brussels)

Alter Brussels (Brussels)

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