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Against the Toxic: Acts of Disobedience, Interdependence and Vulnerability
by Leena Halees
This panel discussion addresses environmental injustice through the lens of the toxic and the discrimination surrounding its production and circulation, all deeply rooted in historical structures. The Invocations program comprises a series of performances, film screenings, talks and round-table discussions, workshop, and sonic interventions, which bring together artists, writers, academics, activists, filmmakers and musicians involved in this subject.
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press & talk


DICE Conference 2019 | Tossing the Master's Tools
by Leena Halees
As part of this year's DICE Conference & Festival, CIJ be hosting a talk entitled "Healing, Transforming, Creating: Tossing the Master's Tools." Inspired by Audre Lorde's revolutionary declaration, "the master's tools will never dismantle the master's house", this talk explores the critical question of "how does transformation look like?"
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CIJ is a newly-founded organisation based in Berlin. Our mission is to make anti-discrimination and equality policy more inclusive and effective in Europe.

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