Framing Race and Law in Europe
by Cengiz Barskanmaz
CIJ's Associated Expert and Research Fellow at the Max Planck Institute Cengiz Barskanmaz elaborates in this article written for the Völkerrechtsblog how the framing of race in the German context is intrinsically linked to the legal responses to race-based discrimination and inequality. He argues that we need to reframe the way we think and analyse race and law in Europe in order to promote effective legal protection against racial discrimination and other related forms of discrimination.
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Critical Race Theory: Une introduction aux grands textes fondateurs.
by Najwa Magot
CIJ's Associated Experts Prof. Hourya Bentouhami and Prof. Mathias Möschel launched the first book on Critical Race Theory in French. Executive Director Dr. Emilia Roig contributed to the book with a text on colorblindness and affirmative action in the French context.
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The Racialization of Sexual Violence in Germany: Intersectional Politics in a Post-feminist Era
by Stefanie Boulila (Associated Expert)
CIJ's Associated Expert Stefanie C. Boulila co-authored with Christiane Carri an article on the racialization of sexual violence in Germany. They explain why it is detrimental to feminist agendas at large. They contend that "Cologne illustrated the difficulty of addressing systemic injustices in a climate that is both committed to the post-feminist contention that sexism is a reminiscence of a past and that anti-racism is a distraction from ‘the real dangers’ that immigration brings about."
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