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CIJ welcomes self-driven students of all disciplines writing their doctoral thesis on topics pertaining to intersectional justice in Europe for research stays. As a host institution, CIJ provides an outstanding hands-on, policy-oriented learning environment as well as an extensive network of researchers working on intersectional issues in Europe and internationally.


Ashlee Christoffersen

PhD Candidate

University of Edinburgh


Ashlee has worked in the equality third sector since 2010: as a practitioner/community researcher at an intersectionally focused London LGBTQ organisation, and as a social researcher at a UK wide organisation that works for equality in higher and further education. From 2005-2009 Ashlee was a Research Associate at the Institute for Intersectionality Research and Policy at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. She is interested in intersectionality in relation to equality policy and the equality third sector, and holds qualifications in Political Science and Women’s Studies (BA) and Gender Studies (MA). She has also been involved in intersectional activism in both Canada and the UK.


PhD Title: Intersectionality in practice: Concepts and uses in the equality seeking third sector.


It has been argued that in the UK, the joining up of disparate anti-discrimination legislation into one Equality Act (2010) and the creation of a unified ‘equality architecture’ have created policy opportunities for intersectionality’s application. As the third sector plays a key role in equality policymaking, my project aims to explore and compare the conceptualisation and use of intersectionality within the equality seeking third sector in England and Scotland: what intersectionality means in the sector, how these meanings are used in practice, and how this relates to equality policy; and to theorise approaches to the application of intersectionality based on results, with reference to intersectionality theory.